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July 21st, 2022  

To: National Federations (NF’s), members of the FEI  

 To the attention of the NF President  

 To the attention of the NF Secretary General  

 To the attention of the NF Jumping Committee Members   To the attention of the NF Jumping Leaders  

From: International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC)  

Subject: FEI Rule Revision Process – Growing towards a professional environment  

Dear President,  

Dear Secretary General,  

Dear Madam,  

Dear Sir,  

On behalf of the International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC), we hope this letter finds you well.  

We are writing to share with you information on recent efforts and to identify potential areas for future  cooperation. On a daily basis it is clear our sport is continuing to grow and to evolve in multiple  directions. We all function in a much more professionally driven environment. Some of the major  areas of change include : extensive sponsorship agreements, digitalization of media and public  relations, significantly higher prize money, professional show organizers, much higher valued horses  and a higher level of intensity when serving as Officials.  

The IJOC is working with the FEI to focus on different aspects to support embedding strong professional  standards in the Officials community. Below please find a brief summary of key action items we have  been working on :  

 Education System for the officials  

 Evaluation of officials  

o Assessments of rules knowledge (yearly online assessment and regular in person training)  o Preparing an in the field evaluation system to improve in soft skills needed to meet  standards  

 Appointments (as a pathway to gain expertise and coaching to improve in the field abilities)   Exchange Program for Officials (to help developing countries and Officials to become more  experienced)  

 Cross training of Officials (through numerous activities by our Club including – but not limited  to – webinars, case studies) Additionally, we have had numerous meetings, consultations and discussions on the topic of  remuneration for Officials. You may recall the discussion began in 2019 but was paused due to the  pandemic. This year, the FEI asked the Club to engage in discussions with the Equestrian Organizers to  explore a common proposal on renumeration. We are pleased to report our mutual efforts were  successful. You may have seen the new proposal which was recently published with the FEI Rule  Revision text (jumping memo) shared recently with the NFs.  

The proposal below was developed using two principles :  

 Remuneration scaled according to an Official’s role and responsibility. Listed roles are  President of the Ground Jury, Foreign Judge, Chief Steward and Foreign Steward. We also have  Operating Officials which are Ground Jury members and Stewards listed as “Other” in the table  below.  

 Remuneration scaled depending on the level of the show (for combined events, the  highest star level counts).  

An additional element to the discussion was the increasing cost of living across the globe. For example,  in Europe the cost of living has risen 20% over the past 8 years and 8% just in 2021.  

The proposal clarifies the tax treatment for the payment of the per diem. Language has been added  to state: “This remuneration for miscellaneous costs is to be provided net after relevant (deductible)  taxes (eg VAT) being borne by the OC. Direct income taxes to be borne by the Official when applicable.”  

Of course there may be other criteria, but we agreed the two principles are primary as they can be  numerically and fairly identified. All per diem amounts are in Euros. 



The proposal is crafted to have separate allowances for lower level events, which helps the organizers  to manage their costs.  

The proposal is included in the current rule revision process, all stakeholders (NF’s and organizations  that have signed an MOU) are being consulted and can provide feedback. We hope that you will  support this proposal and provide positive feedback to the FEI. We encourage you to review the  proposal with your own international jumping officials.  

In early July, we visited the FEI Headquarters. During our visit, we discussed a range of topics to help  us to provide higher quality officiating so we match the professionalism of our sport with the FEI  leadership. The FEI supports our vision and understands the remuneration discussion is a critical issue  that must be tackled. Of course, our goal is to reach a common agreement with all of the stakeholders  while understanding a more in-depth consultation may be needed to ensure everybody is on the same  page.  

The IJOC is working to make a difference and to be a leading voice in professional growth and  development. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your comments.  

Kind Regards,  

  Ali Küçük Glenn Maes  

Secretary General President  

The IJOC represents the FEI Officials (judges, stewards and course designers) and is officially recognized  by the FEI. We are representing more then 300 members from more than 70 countries around the  globe. The IJOC actively works on coaching and mentoring their members. As a Club we organize  seminars, exchange ideas and educate our members with the ultimate goal to provide highest quality  officiating during FEI Jumping Events.  

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International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC) 

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