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 Smolders Celebrates Second Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Hamburg Win After Delivering The Only Clear

There was tension right until the final fence in the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Hamburg as Harrie Smolders secured his second Hamburg title as the only rider to produce a clear round on board Une de l'Othain.Eve Jobs made it ‘the greatest day of her career' as she claimed second place on Venue d'Fees Des Hazalles with just one time fault. The final spot on the podium went to first out of the starting gates Michael G Duffy and the grey gelding Lapuccino 2 on just a single time fault.

A smiling Harrie Smolders said: "It feels amazing, I must say the unexpected wins are the most beautiful ones and I think that was one today. She loves this arena but today the only clear in the {LGCT} Grand Prix is outstanding. To win in Hamburg is always amazing."The talented young star Eve Jobs explained: "This is probably the greatest day of my career, I feel really honoured to be here at a show with such history, I really couldn’t be happier to be here. It’s just incredible. I thought it was a magnificent show and very well run. I did everything I could and was just thrilled the whole day."Michael G Duffy added: "Day’s like this I never believed could happen and I'm sure it wouldn’t without my team. I couldn't be happier. The horse gave everything today and jumped brilliantly. It is just incredible. The time was really tight, as first to go I never chased the time and just rode my round and left all the jumps up which proved to be really important today."Passionate and knowledgeable spectators headed to the grass arena which provided the perfect backdrop for the thrilling finish to Super Saturday at LGCT Hamburg, with families and fans treated to a sensational showdown featuring the very best horses and riders in the world at this, the 11th leg of the Championship race.Not present this weekend, Edwina Tops-Alexander kept hold of her lead in the Championship on 214 points but the flying Frenchman Olivier Robert has catapulted himself into second place with 201 points. Max Kühner also rockets up the leaderboard into third place on 194 points while Peder Fredricson and Sergio Alvez Moya sit just behind in fourth and fifth place on 189 and 188 points respectively.It was another inspired Frank Rothenberger designed course with technical lines from start to finish. The tall double of uprights by the in gate as the last fence caught top names in the sport out, but it was the time allowed that played the biggest part with only one combination able to keep all the fences up and inside the tight time of 77 seconds.First into the arena was Michael G Duffy and Lapuccino 2. They delivered a flawless round getting a foot perfect shot to every fence. The combination didn’t look slow but stopped the clock in 80.04 seconds to claim a single time fault in the grass arena of Hamburg.After the first few riders all picked up time faults combinations started to open up between the fences causing poles all over the course. Denis Lynch, Ben Maher, Philipp Weishaupt and Marcus Ehning all finished inside the time allowed but knocked one single fence to keep them off the podium today.Local fans were cheering for their home riders and Germany had a stellar line up in the LGCT Grand Prix with the likes of Christian Ahlmann, Hans-Dieter Dreher, Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann, Patrick Stühlmeyer, Maximilian Weishaupt and Laura Klaphake but it wasn’t a fairytale ending for the German squad today as they all finished with faults and kept them down the order.Young talent Eve Jobs was the only other rider to finish with a single time fault. She kept all the fences up but after adding a stride to the last fence it was an agonising 1 fault to add to the board.Smolders has been a regular podium placer in Hamburg and is arguably one of most consistent show jumping athletes. Today he was unbeatable once again delivering the most impressive round of the week. Riding the super Une de l'Othain with power, pace and precision the pair were the only ones to deliver a flawless clear round meaning there was no jump-off today and he won it outright.So it would be Smolders’ day, with the flying Dutchman sealing the victory and a golden ticket to the Longines Global Champions Tour Super Grand Prix at the GC Prague Playoffs in November.




Rating class for Longines Global Champions Tour 2021
Jumping Competition with jump off, international
Height: 1,60m
1. 124 Une de l'Othain Harrie Smolders NED   0 76.44 sec    
  SCHI / 13y. / S / SF / Conterno Grande, Old / Cento / 104RJ54 / Evergate Stables LLC,Harrie Smolder   99.000,00 EUR
2. 081 Venue d'Fees Des Hazalles Eve Jobs USA   1 78.29 sec    
  F / 16y. / S / SBS / President / Alcatraz / 103AV65 / Eve Jobs   60.000,00 EUR
3. 034 Lapuccino 2 Michael G Duffy IRL   1 80.04 sec    
  SCHIS / 13y. / ISH / Livello / 104FD99 / Carl Hanley Sporthorses GmbH   45.000,00 EUR
4. 062 Cristello Denis Lynch IRL   4 76.21 sec    
  B / 14y. / KWPN / Numero Uno / Voltaire / 104AQ35 / Onyx Consulting Ltd   30.000,00 EUR
5. 085 Ginger-Blue Ben Maher GBR   4 76.54 sec    
  B / 10y. / S / KWPN / Plot Blue / Royal Bravour / 105NG67 / Jane Forbes Clark   18.000,00 EUR
6. 122 Coby Philipp Weishaupt GER   4 76.64 sec    
  B / 11y. / HANN / Contagio / Escudo I / 105HZ25 / Ludger Beerbaum Stables GmbH,Mariko   13.500,00 EUR
7. 087 Funky Fred Marcus Ehning GER   4 76.78 sec    
  F / 16y. / WESTF / For Pleasure / Pilot / 103HJ41 / Sportpferde Ehning GbR   9.000,00 EUR
8. 013 Darry Lou Nayel Nassar EGY   5 77.24 sec    
  F / 13y. / KWPN / Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve / Nabab de Reve / 104DE68 / Evergate Stables LLC,Nayel Nassar   7.500,00 EUR
9. 092 HHS Calais Michael Pender IRL   5 77.31 sec    
  B / 10y. / ISH / Cavalier Royale / Obos Quality 004 / 105XM93 / Bravo Hughes Ltd   6.000,00 EUR
10. 015 EIC Coriolis Des Isles Max Kühner AUT   5 77.44 sec    
  F / 9y. / SF / Zandor / Tlaloc M / 105XJ26 / MK Sportpferde Max Kühner   6.000,00 EUR
11. 114 Vangog du Mas Garnier Olivier Robert FRA   5 77.59 sec    
  SCHI / 12y. / SF / Cornet Obolensky / Quidam de Revel / 104WE32 / Alain Jathiere,E.A.R.L. Global Drea   3.000,00 EUR
12. 053 Uncas S Gilles Thomas BEL   5 78.16 sec    
  F / 13y. / AES / Udarco / Primo Des Bruyeres / 104WH41 / Van Dijck   3.000,00 EUR

Total: 300.000,00 EUR

13. 110 Quin Laura Klaphake GER   5 79.40 sec    
  SCHI / 11y. / HOLST / Verdi (Q-Verdi) / Corrado I / 105CJ06 / Nizri,Simon    
14. 090 Charley Johnny Pals NED   6 81.12 sec    
  SCHI / 13y. / HOLST / Calido I / Askari / 104NM57 / H.C. Verhagen    
15. 046 Gin D Bart Bles NED   6 81.88 sec    
  SCHI / 15y. / BWP / Clinton / Skippy II / 103LJ77 / SF Equestrian    
16. 038 Vitiki Yuri Mansur BRA   6 82.10 sec    
  F / 13y. / Hannover / Valentino / For Expo / 104AD56 / Clear Round BV,Yuri Mansur    
17. 042 Quibelle Spencer Smith USA   8 75.86 sec    
  B / 12y. / S / HANN / FRH Quaid / Stakkato / 105JD36 / Gotham Enterprizes LLC    
18. 100 Clarina Alberto Zorzi ITA   8 76.04 sec    
  SCHI / 11y. / S / MECKL / Cellestial / Converter 2 / 105LN73 / Athina ONASSIS,Victory Equestrian S    
19. 050 Caletto Cabana Bassem Mohammed QAT   9 80.53 sec    
  B / 14y. / HOLST / San Patrignano Cassini / Capecanaveral / 104EH39 / Qatar Equestrian Federation    
20. 118 Urban de Rohan Marlon Modolo Zanotelli BRA   12 76.56 sec    
  B / 13y. / SF / Apache d'Adriers / Atoll d'Adriers / 104FK14 / Cindy van der Straten    
21. 099 Vestmalle Des Cotis Hans-Dieter Dreher GER   13 79.14 sec    
  F / 12y. / SF / Baloubet du Rouet / Landor S / 104WA72 / Hans-Dieter DREHER,Gian Battista LU    
22. 066 Wicked Enigma Sameh El Dahan GBR   13 80.16 sec    
  SCHI / 9y. / S / HOLST / Cellestial / 105MN19 / Joanne Sloan Allen    
23. 021 Messi van't Ruytershof Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann GER   13 80.79 sec    
  B / 9y. / BWP / Plot Blue / For Pleasure / 105UG39 / Jürgen Fitschen    
24. 069 Mandato van de Neerheide Christian Ahlmann GER   16 76.63 sec    
  F / 9y. / BWP / Emerald / Pommeau du Heup / 105ZG00 / Jauß,Marion u.Isabell    
  041 Varihoka Du Temple Patrick Stühlmeyer GER   RT      
  B / 12y. / SF / Luigi d'Amaury / Kannan / 104NU22 / Schockemöhle,Paul    
  031 DSP Omerta Incipit Maximilian Weishaupt GER   RT      
  SCHI / 10y. / S / BAY / Levisonn / Candillo / 105OD15 / Gruber,Karl    
  111 Isidoor van de Helle Constant van Paesschen BEL   RT      
  B / 13y. / BWP / Canturo / Qredo de Paulstra / 104MQ47 / Amandine Wittouck    
  073 El Torreo de Muze Bernardo Cardoso de Resende Alves BRA   RT      
  SCHI / 11y. / SBS / Taran de la Pomme / Vigo D Arsouilles STX / 105HC61 / Bernardo Cardoso de Resende Alves,J    
  005 Z7 Ipswich Shane Breen IRL   RT      
  F / 13y. / BWP / Carembar de Muze / Quick Star / 104OJ78 / Shane Breen,Team Z7    



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